The cache module is set on top of the network module and caches any entries read.

When the same entry (identified by module and key) is requested, it first is returned from the cache, when already there.

Module Contents




class flare.cache.Cache

Bases: object

updateStructure(self, module, structure)
update(self, module, key, data, structure=None)
lookup(self, module, key='current')
struct(self, module)
start(self, plan, finishHandler=None, failureHandler=None)
finish(self, plan)
require(self, *args)
invalidate(self, *args)
onDataChanged(self, module, key=None, **kwargs)
request(self, *args, finishHandler=None, failureHandler=None)
class flare.cache.Plan(module, action, params=None, follow=None, alias='current', local=True)

Bases: object

run(self, cache)
finish(self, cache)
_onRequestSuccess(self, req)
_onRequestFailure(self, req, code)