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formatString(format, data[, structure, language])

Central entryPoint

formatStringHandler(→ str)

displayStringHandler(→ [flare.html5.Widget])

evalStringHandler(format, data, structure, language)

flare.viur.formatString.formatString(format: str, data: Dict, structure=None, language=None)

Central entryPoint

if string contains $( we use old formatstrings else we use evalStrings (core 3.0 draft)

displayStrings actually only used in relations and records. This handler can be used with display param

flare.viur.formatString.formatStringHandler(format: str, value: Dict, structure: Dict, language: str = 'de') str
flare.viur.formatString.displayStringHandler(display: str, value: Dict, structure: Dict, language: str = 'de') [flare.html5.Widget]
flare.viur.formatString.evalStringHandler(format, data, structure, language)